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Why Cybersecurity Controls implementation for High-Tech?

Hi-tech companies are at the forefront of digital innovation and technological breakthrough. These are also the firms that are most often targeted by cyberattackers because of the valuable data and information that they possess.

Knowledge is king in the information age. The intellectual property, computer models, plans for hardware components and software programs developed by hi-tech firms can be stolen and sold off to competitors. Research data can be stolen from pharmaceutical companies, machine or auto manufacturers and even manufacturers working on a new model of mobile device or home appliance.

Cybersecurity controls implemented through Torii CyberSecurity Controls (CSC) can help businesses protect their data more effectively. Data backups can protect companies against DoS and ransomware attacks. Keeping data stored in an encrypted form will ensure that it is completely useless to hackers even if it gets stolen.

Cybersecurity Risks for Hi-Tech

Apart from the high value of the data itself, there are some additional reasons why hi-tech companies are targeted for cyberattacks.

First, research involves collaboration between different business units and individuals that may be separated by geographical location and time zones. To continue research at a high pace, different personnel must be given access to the centralized database and the ability to update and save the database. This shared access opens up high tech companies to data hacks.

High-tech businesses usually have a high-risk appetite. Researchers behave in a more casual way with information compared to industries like banking and retail, making it easier for cybercriminals to target this sector. Employees are often given smart, mobile devices to access information and these mobile devices are not the best in terms of security. Creativity is encouraged at the expense of security making it easier to hack hi-tech companies.

Insider Threats and Hacktivism

It may be surprising to some but the more common threats to cybersecurity for hi-tech businesses are motivated by political inclination rather than a financial benefit. Hacktivists are people who try to damage and destroy organizational database for political reasons.

They can run a social engineering campaign or carry out digital sabotage by encrypting data into an irrecoverable state. Failure to prevent cyberattacks can cause a business to lose millions of dollars spent on research. It leads to wasted labor hours and sets the research back months or even years.

Hacks may also be carried out by rival businesses. If research is lost due to a cyberattack, it may allow the competitor to come up with its own product and outperform the company. Destruction of the database may even shut the doors on a technological breakthrough forever.

Cyberattacks on a hi-tech firm can come from the outside or from within the company. Employees have better access to the research data and often found to be involved in a cybersecurity breach. They can be bribed by competitors or socially motivated to damage, sell out or manipulate the data.

Why High-Tech Business Need Cybersecurity Controls

Technology companies can implement cybersecurity solutions and tools to make their research data more secure and tamper-proof. It will let the business monitor the people who access the data, the times at which they access it and the changes that they make. Any attempts to copy information will also be recorded making it easier to track any data modification.

The research information will be kept encrypted and in multiple locations. This ensures that it cannot be destroyed and remains useless to a hacker even if it is stolen. Users can be set up to get only limited access to the sections of the data that they are working on based on the security needs of the company.

High-Tech and CIS

All of this technology, information, and oversight has become a veritable “Fog of More” – competing options, priorities, opinions, and claims that can paralyze or distract an enterprise from vital action. Business complexity is growing, dependencies are expanding, users are becoming more mobile, and the threats are evolving. New technology brings us great benefits, but it also means that our data and applications are now distributed across multiple locations, many of which are not within our organization’s infrastructure. In this complex, interconnected world, no enterprise can think of its security as a standalone problem.

Specifically, the High Tech industry is built upon the value of information and is therefore a prime target for Espionage. In recent years the rate and sophistication of these attacks has skyrocketed. To best secure the flow of your valuable secrets tech companies should be concerned with effectively managing CIS Control 13: Data Protection and Torii CSC is the best way for any organization to implement and manage that operation.

The thirteenth control requires an organization to put in place the processes and tools used to prevent data exfiltration, mitigate the effects of exfiltrated data, and ensure the privacy and integrity of sensitive information. Data resides in many places and without these tools in place data can reside in many places it should not making prevention of unauthorized access unlikely and untraceable. Protection of that data is best achieved through the application of a combination of encryption, integrity protection, and data loss prevention techniques.

Use Torii CSC to track your data inventory to stop leaks and rapidly identify mismanagement in real time.

Why choose Torii for High-Tech business Cybersecurity?

  • We have worked with a number of high-tech companies and research firms to provide them sophisticated cybersecurity controls.
  • Torii CSC services are comprehensive and completely cover every aspect of high-tech business needs.
  • High-tech business research is based on collaboration between people separated by location and our tools make sure that hackers cannot exploit this operational business requirement.
  • We pick the right mix between security and convenience. Security checks are designed so that they do not become a burden on users while still requiring relevant authentication.
  • Torii is a certified firm that specializes in cybersecurity for high-tech businesses. Our main expertise lies in cybersecurity controls implementation and we only hire the best talent in the market to come and work for us.
  • If you want the most advanced cybersecurity measures then you should work with the best.
  • We offer customized cybersecurity controls service contracts for high-tech companies that will match your organization’s budget and minimize costs for your business.

Are you interested in a Torii CSC Demo?

Let our team of security experts walk you through how implementing the CIS 20 Controls with our solution can dramatically harden your security posture.

Need help implementing a Cybersecurity Program or Torii CSC?

We offer a set of consulting services that enable an organization to implement these controls. We also do offer a phased approach for this implementation and they are as follows:

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment by our Experts

Work with our experts to raise awareness and mitigate probable attacks to protect your critical information. While there are no completely binary solutions to prevent cyberattacks, you can greatly reduce the probability of cyberattacks by working with us to move to a compliance-driven approach to risk management 

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Cybersecurity Defense Dashboard Implementation

Once you have selected our security dashboards, you will now work with our consulting team to configure each of the dashboard; this will involve configuring our connectors, setting thresholds for Red, Yellow and Green, and operationalizing each dashboard

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Build a Best in Class Cybersecurity Program

Our experts will work with your team on implementing an enterprise wide security program. Working with us will provide your institution with a holistic strategy to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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