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Why Cybersecurity Controls implementation for Banks?

As a major industry, banking is targeted by hackers and cybercriminals. As banks improved their networks and became more connected globally, it became easier for criminals to break into their systems.  

Financial institutions have lost millions of dollars around the world in theft and fraud. Banks realized the vulnerability of their systems early on and took measures to improve their cybersecurity. Security experts believe that banks would have lost even more money if they had not protected their networks and encrypted their databases.

Cybersecurity Risks for Banks

Banks have unique and much greater cybersecurity requirements than any other industry. Banking cybersecurity control needs can be divided into three categories.

– The first involves direct attacks on the bank’s systems and databases. Hackers can steal account holders’ information from the bank and sell it on the dark web for profit. The data can also be used to damage the institution’s reputation and blackmail the management. Denial of service and ransomware attacks can freeze bank operations while a client’s identity can be used for clearing fraudulent checks and steal funds.

– Second, cyberattackers can also target individual bank clients to steal money from their accounts. Banks have the added responsibility to ensure that their clients’ accounts are protected. If the accounts get tempered with due to a security lapse, the bank can be held liable to pay for damages.

– The third area to be careful involves investments. Banks need to be careful about their investments and ensure that recipients of bank funds will be able to repay the loans. Banks have to check the cybersecurity measures being used by borrowers to protect themselves against indirect risk and losses.

Cybersecurity Controls in a Cashless Economy

Almost everyone is going cashless these days. People increasingly rely on plastic cards and online digital transactions. E-Commerce is quite popular whether you are looking to buy groceries from the local retail store, pay for college tuition fee or buy a house on mortgage.

All these transactions rely on interconnected networks and banks are at the center of this digital economy. Hackers can gain access to these networks and databases just as easily as bank customers. The possibility of security breaches makes it critical for banks to make their operations resistant to hacking and cybersecurity controls for banks are mandatory in many places by law.

In order to mitigate security risks, banks need to implement cybersecurity control tools, like Torii CyberSecurity Controls (CSC), that continuously monitor traffic coming through their networks and prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing information in their database systems.

It is not just that data can be tempered and funds can be transferred by a hacker into their own account. In most security breaches, the hacker simply reads and copies records from the bank’s database to commit identity theft.

Why Banks need Torii CSC Implementation

Banks are the custodians of financial transactions and their role is more important than ever in a cashless economy. In the past, a person could take cash out of the bank and spend it on any transaction they pleased. In today’s digital marketplace, a transaction simply cannot be processed without the involvement of some kind of online banking institution.

The banking sector is built upon trust. People who put their money in the bank don’t check their accounts on a daily basis. This is because they have faith in the banker’s ability to keep their account secure and pay out when they ask for money. The bank’s profits are a return for building this trust in its ability to keep account safe.

Torii CSC will keep your accounts protected and secured. Torii CSC is based on the comprehensive guidelines set by the Center of Internet Security (CIS). They include three categories of 20 control measures that significantly improve security for banks.


In light of the increasing volume and sophistication of cyberthreats, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council1 (FFIEC) developed the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (Assessment), on behalf of its members, to help institutions identify their risks and determine their cybersecurity preparedness. The Assessment provides a repeatable and measurable process for institutions to measure their cybersecurity preparedness over time.

A Torii CSC implementation can help your enterprise manage Domain 2 and 3 of the FFIEC.

Domain 2: Threat Intelligence & Collaboration – CSC provides a dashboard to monitor track and analyze your security posture.

Domain 3: Cybersecurity Controls – CSC’s implementation of the CIS controls to your enterprise configured for FFIEC’s guidelines manages all the preventative, detective, and corrective controls required to be compliant and secure.

Specifically for the Banking and Finance industry it is critical to maintain system isolation and integrity to defend against Web App Attacks. Due to their technical complexity, flexibility, and exposure web browsers and email clients are the primary exposure point for banks. As the online customer interface with the institution’s sensitive internal environment these web applications are targets for both code exploitation and social engineering.

In recent years both the rate and sophistication of these attacks has skyrocketed. To best secure the integrity of their web applications, institutions should be concerned with effectively managing CIS control 7: Email and Browser Protections. The seventh control requires an Institution to minimize the attack surface and the opportunities for attackers to manipulate human behavior through their interaction with web browsers and email systems.

Use Torii CSC to guide and track your web application security. Our system will identify aberrant behavior in real time and give you actionable solutions as issues arise.

Why choose Torii for Banking business Cybersecurity?

  • We have experts that have been working with banks for many years and helped our clients keep threats to a minimum.
  • We offer quick cybersecurity controls implementation service for banks with minimum disruptions to their operations.
  • We understand that trust is a significant factor for banking businesses and maximum security is our top priority.
  • We pick the right mix between security and convenience. Security checks are designed so that they do not burden bank customers while still giving them the best protection.
  • Certain banking regulations are mandatory and our Torii cybersecurity specialists will make sure that you fulfill your compliance obligations.
  • We are a certified security specialist firm. Our main expertise lies in cybersecurity controls implementation and we are at the forefront of detecting and preventing all sorts of cyberthreats.
  • If you want the best cybersecurity measures, you should work with the best.
  • Torii offers customized cybersecurity controls services that will match your budget and minimize costs for your bank.

Are you interested in a Torii CSC Demo?

Let our team of security experts walk you through how implementing the CIS 20 Controls with our solution can dramatically harden your security posture.

Need help implementing a Cybersecurity Program or Torii CSC?

We offer a set of consulting services that enable an organization to implement these controls. We also do offer a phased approach for this implementation and they are as follows:

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment by our Experts

Work with our experts to raise awareness and mitigate probable attacks to protect your critical information. While there are no completely binary solutions to prevent cyberattacks, you can greatly reduce the probability of cyberattacks by working with us to move to a compliance-driven approach to risk management 

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Cybersecurity Defense Dashboard Implementation

Once you have selected our security dashboards, you will now work with our consulting team to configure each of the dashboard; this will involve configuring our connectors, setting thresholds for Red, Yellow and Green, and operationalizing each dashboard

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Build a Best in Class Cybersecurity Program

Our experts will work with your team on implementing an enterprise wide security program. Working with us will provide your institution with a holistic strategy to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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