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Cybersecurity Controls implementation for Credit Unions

Credit Unions are increasingly getting targeted for cyberattacks and hacking. The lack of advanced security measures or network controls often leaves entry points exposed to criminal attacks. Credit unions are now mandated to focus on protecting sensitive member data from theft. A large number of credit unions have started taking the threats seriously, a step in the right direction.

Understanding Security Control Implementation

Credit unions have a special need for protecting their member information and credit data. Systems breach can have a variety of negative effects. Cyberattacks can lead to system lockdown, delays in processing, identity theft and financial losses to the business.

A credit union can also lose its reputation. Customers work with a business because they trust that it will keep their information secure and private. Most credit unions keep sensitive client data in their accounts including SSN, bank account numbers, transaction history, and employment or salary details. Protecting this vital data is important for building client trust.

Cybersecurity Controls for Credit Unions

Credit Unions of today face a dilemma. On the one hand, they must provide online, cloud-based services to clients. They need to make it easier for customers to access their accounts from anywhere. The services must also be available round the clock.

On the other hand, the service must be completely secure that prevents unauthorized personnel from gaining access to the system. Visitor traffic must be continuously monitored and any attempts to breach the database must be responded to quickly.

At Torii CyberSecurity Controls (CSC), is our powerful solution for the implementation and management of cybersecurity controls enterprise wide. We have designed a Torii CSC implementation plan aimed specifically at Credit Unions. Torii TACET will allow credit unions to ensure security compliance with regulations while improving the data management, reporting and accessibility for your entire infrastructure.

Why Credit Unions Need Cybersecurity Controls Implementation

Most Credit Unions do not hire an extensive IT team. The entire system management and security function are usually carried out by a single individual who isn’t necessarily an expert in security controls. Due to limited funding for IT budgets, credit unions have to make do with what they can spare.

This is the main reason why many credit unions lack insight about advanced security measures and precisely why they get targeted so often.

However, the challenge can be overcome with the help of a professional security team. An expert team can implement critical security measures and test them continuously for vulnerabilities. They can also detect if and when an attempt has been made and quickly change the protocol to prevent attacks from succeeding in the future.

Critical Cybersecurity Controls

The Critical Cybersecurity Controls are a set of best practice actions designed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). The controls outline the actions that must be taken to understand and prevent cyberattacks from affecting a business procedure. The controls can be divided into three categories; basic foundational and organizational.

By implementing controls in one stage, an organization can progress to an advanced certification stage and improve its cybersecurity. Torii TACET supports the integration of these controls automatically into NCUA standards and the audit system ACET. By implementing Torii TACET your credit union can move to a more advanced certification stage with ease.

Why choose Torii CSC?

  • We have a team of systems security professionals with more than decades of experience and knowledge under their belts.
  • We provide comprehensive innovative cybersecurity solutions based on internationally recognized industry standards.
  • We have worked with credit unions and helped progress their security certification to a higher level.
  • We provide comprehensive cybersecurity controls implementation for all stages of the process. No matter where your credit union is in terms of systems security, we promise to make it better.
  • Our customer service is our biggest strength. We offer experienced, knowledgeable professionals that help us stand out from the crowd.

Are you interested in a Torii CSC Demo?

Let our team of security experts walk you through how implementing the CIS 20 Controls with our solution can dramatically harden your security posture.

Need help implementing a Cybersecurity Program or Torii CSC?

We offer a set of consulting services that enable an organization to implement these controls. We also do offer a phased approach for this implementation and they are as follows:

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment by our Experts

Work with our experts to raise awareness and mitigate probable attacks to protect your critical information. While there are no completely binary solutions to prevent cyberattacks, you can greatly reduce the probability of cyberattacks by working with us to move to a compliance-driven approach to risk management 

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Cybersecurity Defense Dashboard Implementation

Once you have selected our security dashboards, you will now work with our consulting team to configure each of the dashboard; this will involve configuring our connectors, setting thresholds for Red, Yellow and Green, and operationalizing each dashboard

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Build a Best in Class Cybersecurity Program

Our experts will work with your team on implementing an enterprise wide security program. Working with us will provide your institution with a holistic strategy to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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