Cybersecurity Assessment

Get expert, in-depth analyses to help you reduce risk, defend against cyberattacks, and implement best practice processes to protect against future attacks

Those difficult first steps…

Defending your organization from cyberattacks is a very difficult challenge. Our assessment services can make it easier. Our security experts have extensive experience combating cyberthreats and implementing cyberattack defense platforms to protect your infrastructure from cyberattacks

They can provide you with detailed assessments that answer such questions as:

  • How effective is your current cybersecurity posture?
  • Do you have the right infrastructure tools and processes to ward cyberattacks
  • Do you have visibility of cyberattack attempts on your infrastructure
  • Do you have an end to end view of all your vulnerabilities
  • Are you leveraging industry best practices and standards to bolster your cyberattack defense

Our approach

Depending on your chosen service option, this consulting service is conducted remotely or onsite at your location.

We work with you to review the current state of your security posture and evaluate it against widely-accepted best practices and frameworks like NIST CSF and ISO 27001.

We deliver recommendations and measures for improvement, with an expert adviser factoring in your business objectives, appetite for risk, security culture, budget, industry, internal security policy, regulatory compliance requirements, and more.


Project Kick-off

Discussion of goals, expectations, contacts, and review of the project plan and timeline. Typically spans three days to 2.5 weeks.

Information Gathering

A documentation review and interviews with stakeholders responsible for aspects of your security management.

Review & Analysis

Assessment of your IT security controls, gaps, and deficiencies compared to relevant frameworks, best practices, and regulatory requirements.

Report Delivery

A final report with recommended priorities and guidance to help mitigate risk and minimize exposure with approximate levels of difficulty and effort.

Implementing Cyberattack Defense

We offer a set of consulting services that enable an organization to implement cyberattack defense. This is done through a phased approach to build and effective and holistic security program

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment by our Experts

Work with our experts to raise awareness and mitigate probable attacks to protect your critical information. While there are no completely binary solutions to prevent cyberattacks, you can greatly reduce the probability of cyberattacks by working with us to move to a compliance-driven approach to risk management 

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Build a Best in Class Cybersecurity Program

Our experts will work with your team on implementing an enterprise wide security program. Working with us will provide your institution with a holistic strategy to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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Cybersecurity Defense Dashboard Implementation

Once you have selected our security dashboards, you will now work with our consulting team to configure each of the dashboard; this will involve configuring our connectors, setting thresholds for Red, Yellow and Green, and operationalizing each dashboard

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