Real Time Cybersecurity Controls Automation and Certification for Credit Unions

Our security as a service control measures will boost the security for your systems and database by preventing attacks and monitoring the traffic for signs of threat

Torii’s fully automated ACET management solution, Torii TACET, helps Credit Unions assess their cybersecurity posture in real time. Torii TACET’s fully automates pulling real time data from your environment and presenting an accurate picture of your maturity level. Using Torii TACET’s system of controls, pre-configured to the ACET framework, we automate the process of prioritizing threats to effectively manage risks throughout your environment and provide a platform for automating your ACET examination. The system automates and facilitates the collection of ACET information to streamline the audit and certification process.

The global cyberthreat is growing at an alarming rate and organizations are increasingly finding themselves the targeted of advanced cyberattacks and hacking. As a result, the industry is experiencing significant internal and external pressure to enhance the response to this dynamic threat landscape. Torii TACET provides you with the confidence of knowing your current cyberpreparedness, the prioritized roadmap of activities and the framework to implement best in class cybersecurity.

Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Without a clear view of your security posture you can’t effectively manage your risks. Through the Single Pane of Glass control Panel, Torii TACET gives you that perspective. Helping you understand your vulnerabilities and associated remediations to guard against these threats in your infrastructure. Empower your organization with rapid respond and adaptation of your security strategies using Torii TACET’s real time connectors and integrations with your infrastructure.

The Power of Controls 

The Critical Cybersecurity Controls are a set of best practice actions designed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). The controls outline the actions that must be taken to understand and prevent cyberattacks from affecting a business procedure. The controls can be divided into three categories; basic foundational and organizational.

By implementing controls in one stage, an organization can progress to an advanced certification stage and improve its cybersecurity. Torii TACET supports the integration of these controls automatically into NCUA standards and the audit system ACET. By implementing Torii TACET your credit union can move to a more advanced certification stage with ease.

Passing NCUA Examination

NCUA has started using the Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET) to assess the cyber posture of credit unions. The tool comprises of 500+ statements and more that 60 document request categories that the examiners evaluate your institution’s Inherent Risk Profile and Cybersecurity Maturity level.

Getting ready for this NCUA examination is an undertaking that can take up several months since your team will have to wrestle with addressing the statements and assembling the supporting documentation that the ACET expects. This is an effort that would involve multiple departments and sometimes span over the course of several months to a year given the size and complexity of your Credit Union. 

Relying on the limited functionality of a spreadsheet to bring it all together adds to the difficulty. Torii TACET is an advanced automation system that dramatically streamlines initial implementation as well as keeping your organization current over time.

Set your IT security team up for success with Torii TACET!

500+ Statements


60 Document Request


Prioritized for Credit Unions

The large attack surface of Credit Unions guarantees the mitigation and tracking of risks will be a persistent task. With Torii TACET, an organization can evaluate and prioritize those risks using real time connectors and integrations with your infrastructure. Allowing for the most efficient application of effort for your IT teams. 


Expedite a Focused Response

Torii TACET is a fully automated solution that pulls real time data from your environment and reflects your accurate maturity level on a Single Pane of Glass that represents the readiness of your cybersecurity examination. This Dashboard shows progress across departments and builds reports for executives and outlining a clear path to reduce the risk profile of your Credit union.


Other Features

– Role Based Access Control

– SSO compatibility

– Deploy it on-prem or any public/private cloud (AWS/AZURE/GCP)

– Export to ACET Excel format

– Maintain records of your previous examinations

– Cross Platform reporting

– Create your status report using this tool directly in PowerPoint


Are you interested in a Torii TACET Demo?

Let our team of security experts walk you through how implementing the Torii TACET can dramatically harden your security posture.

Risk Reduction

CIS controls also allow organizations to not only mitigate risks of cyberattacks, they also reduce risks of data loss while help enforce policies that comply with various industry regulations.


Cyberattacks focusing on espionage may range from an industrial espionage to an espionage whereby a foreign government may use social engineering to wreak havoc so as to further their agenda, e.g. stealing military secrets.

Web App Attacks

From buffer-overflows to SQL injection, hackers have various techniques at their disposal to attack web applications. Check out how our solution helps an organization address these attacks.

Reduce Cyberattack

Implementing a phased set of prioritized CIS controls helps organizations mitigate risks from cyberattacks.

Denial of Service

Prevent denial-of-service cyberattack and protect your environment against perpetrators that seek to make a machine or network resource unavailable by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the internet.

Point of Sale

Point-of-sale assets that have been compromised can result in serious financial and legal exposure of retail and financial institutions’ information. Check how our solutions can help address these matters.

Community Validated

These CIS controls are validated by a community of cybersecurity professionals as well as educational and commercial organizations dedicated to mitigate cybersecurity attacks.

Payment Card Skimmers

Cyberattacks on devices that accept payment cards may lead to companies being financially impacted while possibly face legal penalties as levied by their customers.

Lost & Stolen Assets

Lost and stolen assets can lead to credentials, as well as existing data of these assets, to get compromised. Explore how you can address this using our solutions.

Critical Security Controls

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Critical Security Controls (previously known as the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls), is a prioritized set of best practices created to stop the most pervasive and dangerous threats.


Many spyware programs, browser hijackers and keyloggers can be considered as crimewares, although only those that have been used illicitly. One common type of a crimeware is the phishing kit.

Privilege Misuse

IT administrators have unlimited access to a company’s most valuable assets: sensitive corporate information, critical hardware, data and database management systems. The extent of damage may be limitless.

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