Torii is the gateway to engaging
your audience with interesting content.

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Sharing digital content with your audience is complex and costly.

The work is manual, access to content is scattered, and analytics are superficial. Torii uses data to automate that work. It gathers all the digital content on Earth so you can pick and stream stories your audience will care about and see the people interacting with you.

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Keep people connected with your business and save time.

Content Recommendation

Torii is a search engine putting all the web at your fingertips. Like a playlist of articles, it curates relevant and timely stories for your audience based on preferences and saves you precious hours.

Content Distribution

Stream fresh stories in personal emails, to social media, and straight to your website. Cut hours from your communications workload and increase email and website engagement by 300%.

Content Display

Don't send your hard-earned audience to other websites. Display real-time stories in a newsreading experience branded by your business. Torii automatically processes images, logos, full text articles, and videos to display on any kind of device so your business can be real-time, personal and mobile for your audience.

Fundamental Audience Analytics

Actually see the identities and reading behavior of people in your audience and make smarter business decisons faster.